Interstate Auto Auction

Based in New Hampshire as well as Online, Interstate Auto Auction is New England Largest Public Car Auction and has sold to the public well over 40,000 cars since it's birth in 2002. Offering the opportunity for the public to purchase used cars at wholesale prices, Interstate Auto Auction accepts donated cars from local charities. Every Wednesday evening, and Saturday Morning Interstate Auto Auction puts hundreds of cars up for bidding online and in person. Many customers have been known to receive deals as low as $500 for automobiles. Organizations interested in donating a vehicle to Interstate Auto Auction will find the process simple and stress-free. On its website, Interstate Auto Auction offers a cost-free donation form that donors may fill out to begin the donation process. After approximately three business days following form submission, an Interstate Auto Auction-approved towing service will arrive to pick up the vehicle. Shortly after, the donor will receive a charity-issued letter containing information about their tax deduction. In pursuit of transparency, Interstate Auto Auction uses a three-color rating system to keep customers aware of a vehicle's condition. All Cars seen online are green light! When a Interstate Auto Auction tags a vehicle as green, it is known to be in good working order. Red light Cars are not sold or advertised online. Red light is Interstate Auto Auction's way of informing customers that a vehicle is being sold without a warranty or guarantee. Interstate Auto Auction uses yellow to notify customers that a pending announcement about a vehicle, such as if it's a 5 speed tranmsssion or information concerning its title. For potential buyers that require further assurance about a vehicle’s condition, Interstate Auto Auction gives customers the opportunity to test drive vehicles on Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Interstate Auto Auction has built a devoted following in its almost 10 years of public service. Google even recognized Interstate Auto Auction as among its coveted Favorite Places, marking Interstate Auto Auction as a U.S. business with a plethora of strong customer approval ratings. To learn more, visit

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